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Riccardi´s family begins it´s activities in 1887 founding RICCARDI SPA, historical company in south Italy active in the glass business. Carlo Riccardi, after a short experience with aluminium distribution in the family´s company, goes on to fund a new initiative. In 1991 SLAM is born, a company focused on distribution and painting of aluminium profiles.


The headquarter is 8.000 m2 and is located in Arzano near Napoli. The production plants are: a vertical industrial painting plant, a horizontal industrial painting plant, a wood decoration plant for aluminium profiles, a wood decoration plant for aluminium sheets, one cut to length line, two Amada bending machines and a big warehouse with available painted profiles, painted sheets and accessories. Since 2001 SLAM has established also a 2.000 m2 finished products warehouse in Pomezia near Rome.


SLAM is committed to high quality standards for its finished products with constant investments in research and development. Our partners know the difference when they choose us. We have been certified under the QUALICOAT class SEASIDE since 1992.

If interested you can check below our certifications.

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Aluminium is the perfect material for our windows. Extremely workable is very light and robust, and it is guaranteed to last longer than cheaper competitor like PVC.


The opportunity to choose high thermal performance profiles isolates us from cold temperatures and has a minimal design, allowing more light to get in our homes. The painting process protects the aluminium from corrosion attacks and lets our windows to become design accessories as the number of possible colours is infinite.  


Moreover is a sustainable material, approximately 7% of earth is aluminium, which is the third most common element after oxygen and silicon. Last but not least aluminium can be recycled 100%

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